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Use this form to contact the Ambiant Creativity project.

To contact the project, you may either user this form, or send a mail using your own mailer.

Please, always use the keyword [AMBIANT] in the Topic of your mail

To contact the project, you may also send an email to:
cadoz --AT--, zannos --AT--, lb --AT--, castagne --AT--

To contact one of the partners, send an email to:


The Ambiant Creativity project is 50% funded with support from the European Commission, under the Culture Program 2007-2013.

The Ambiant Creativity project is also 50% funded by the three partners of the project.


European Digital Arts Symposium

Seizing the opportunity of its welcome to Grenoble, an historical place in France for innovation in Arts, the European Digital Arts Symposium will be an intellectual and artistic event, organized in conjunction with the 4th workshop of the AMBIANT project: Artists, Scientists, Researchers, Engineers, Teachers, Students and General Public will meet together.

Four Workshops

4 international workshops are planed during the AMBIANT project.

Here, the term “workshop” relates more to the French term “Ateliers”.

It is not a type of “small conference”, but a concrete artistic program including talks and discussions, and also concrete experimentations with exchanges between advanced and beginners artists with new technologies. In practice, among talks and demos, the workshops are composed of:

Young artists' digital arts projects & residence program

Residence program

AMBIANT features a residence program for 3 young artists / 3 digital art projects - one for each of the 3 partner. The residence program is a major activity in AMBIANT, that targets all the topics and goals of the project.


Planned activities

The objectives of the project will be reached through 5 types of activities:


Association pour la Recherche sur les Outils d'ExpressionACROE logo

Grenoble, France



ACROE is non-profit association supported by the French Ministry of Culture.

ACROE conducts two types of activities:


The partners of the project have been chosen for their expertise and complementary activities in Visual and Musical Arts. ACROE - France (computer music and computer animation departments) is the coordinator, ZKM – Germany (Institute for acoustic and music, Institute for visual media), and Ionian University – Greece (music and audiovisual arts departments) are the co-organisers.

They are located in the cities of Grenoble (France), Karlsruhe (Germany) and Corfu (Greece).

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