Planned activities

The objectives of the project will be reached through 5 types of activities:

  • Selection, hosting and circulation of 3 young artists at the 3 sites of the project and monitoring of their projects by 3 internationally established scientists and artists (1 selected per site), from their initial idea to their postproduction within a comprehensive framework. This activity will consist in particular in 6-month residences at each partner’ location.
  • Post-production of the young artists projects
  • 4 Workshops, located at different sites of the project, grouping Talks, Demos, Experimentation (creation with new tools) and experiences exchanges participants, selected young artists, and established artists. All workshops are associated with performing arts evenings.
  • Dissemination of the experiences (theoretical and practical) to other artists and to general public by means of an European Digital Arts Symposium
  • Creation of an open repository for digital creation processes analysis, accessible by the WEB (with projects’ products and partners’ products).

These activities allow covering 4 of the major goals of the European Program "Culture 2007-2013".
  • Trans-national mobility: all the activities of the AMBIANT project are supported by trans-national mobility of people working in the artistic sector.
  • Trans-national circulation of artistic and cultural works and products: in particular through the young artist residence program and the set up of an open repository for digital creation processes analysis.
  • Intercultural dialogue: the project will enable established and young artists from each country to collaborate with artists from other countries on specific projects. The participants from each country will be encouraged to bring into the project and to express their cultural background in such a way as to create intercultural dialogue. The project will stimulate interdisciplinary cross-fertilization in order to envision new forms of contemporary arts. It will enable the presentation of cultural products from very diverse communities such as that of Grenoble (France), Karlsruhe (Germany) and Corfu (Greece). The profiles of these locations are differentiated on many levels as regards their economies, their heritage (western and central European / Balkan and south-east European) and their environments (highly industrialized and technologically advanced / pre-industrial historical).
  • Transectorial (interdisciplinary) dimension: By stimulating creative forces from different disciplines (Sound art, Music, Visual arts, Computer science, Art Theory and Aesthetics etc.) the AMBIANT project presents a very broad transectorial dimension. The variety in expertise and specializations characterizing each partner and, on the other hand, their common ground as new art research centres provides high qualifications for a deep level of interdisciplinary collaborative work in the artistic and cultural domains of music, sound art, visual art and what could be called multisensory arts. Additionally, the technologies and methodologies investigated have applications in further related fields such as design and architecture, or interactive environments for presentation of cultural heritage. To this purpose the project will seek to involve representatives from these domains in its educational, production and research activities in digital arts.