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Grenoble, France



ACROE is non-profit association supported by the French Ministry of Culture.

ACROE conducts two types of activities:

  • Research and education activities in Computer Arts, Musical, Visual and Multisensory arts
  • Applicative cultural and artistic activities from the computer tools and concepts developed in the research activities.

Claude Cadoz is the head of the Computer Music department and Annie Luciani is the head of the Computer Animation department.

In research activities, ACROE is well-known as a pioneer in the design and the implementation of force feedback gestural devices and multisensorial real-time simulation platforms aiming at rendering the creation process with the computer as most intuitive as possible, based on gestural interaction and multisensory feedbacks.

ACROE also pioneered the research on physically-based modelling for the Arts. It introduced in particular the CORDIS-ANIMA system for mass-interaction physical modelling, and the software environments GENESIS and MIMESIS, two modeller/simulator dedicated respectively to sound and music creation, and movement and animated image creation.

In cultural and artistic activities, ACROE has at its disposal several users groups and a network of actors in arts and culture, such as educational institutions in Arts and Music, national centres in scientific culture, international artistic production centres such as the ZKM of Karlsruhe, TAU of Turin (Italy), DIEM Centre in Aarhus in Denmark, in which it implemented computer tools for artistic education and production.

In AMBIANT, ACROE wants to encourage and to promote artworks production in multisensory arts, by supporting the realization of artistic projects : Offering a framework to young artist for developing their project, by providing hosting and solid educational background in digital technologies, both in music and visual arts.

Main persons from ACROE involved in the Ambiant Creativity project are:

Coordinator of the AMBIANT project.

Musical arts contact person for AMBIANT.

Claude Cadoz

Visual arts contact person for AMBIANT.

Annie Luciani

Assistant coordinator
Nicolas Castagne