AMBIANT Workshop #2 - May 2010


The second Ambiant Creativity Project Workshop was organized

     From May, 24th to May 30th 2010

     in Corfu, Greece

As part of their contribution to the AMBIANT project, the Department of Audiovisual Arts and the Laboratory of Research and Applications in Electronic Music of the Department of Music of the Ionian University organized a joint event combining a series of Workshops, a Conference and a Festival of Music and New Media Arts. The objectives of the event were to present the results of research and educational activities of the two Departments in the field of contemporary arts of Sound and Image, and to set them in the context of issues regarding the relationship of technology to the creative process in these arts. Such issues are: What new techniques of artistic creation are being developed as a result of new technologies? How can these techniques be taught? How does the accessibility to digital technology influence the creative process and the participation of citizens to creative activities? Can the use of new technologies open new avenues and perspective of approach towards science and culture?






a: Corfu; b: the last evening concert ; c and d: teaching in the regular Licence class session by the AMBIANT partners



The Festival is organized in cooperation with the European Project "Ambient Creativity", coordinated by ACROE (Grenoble) and with further partners ZKM (Karlsruhe) and the Ionian Unversity (Corfu). Several artists and scientists were invited to give seminars and lectures and perform works at the Festival. Furthermore, undergraduate and graduate students of the Department of Audiovisual Arts and the Program of Postgraduate Studies in Sound Art and Technologies of the Music Department presented works developed during the course of their studies. The program of the festival included 7 evening concerts of electroacoustic music, projections of live interactive audiovisual works, a series of installations, exhibitions of student works, seminars and workshops, a conference and a round table discussion of artists and educators on the topic of New Media Art Education. The round table was part of the local chapter of the Leonardo Art and Education Forum.

The seminars taught covered the following topics:

  • History and aesthetics of electroacoustic music
  • Radio art
  • The SuperCollider programming environment for real time sound and music synthesis
  • The Open Frameworks
  • The Genesis software for physical modeling sound synthesis

Additionally one regular class session was dedicated to the principles and applications of Physical Modeling in sound synthesis.

In addition to the many concerts organized within the Festival of Music and New Media Arts, a final concert presented live audiovisual works by invited artists and students.

At the conference held as part of this event several artists and scientists presented lectures about video art, art and technology, and specific tools for audivisual arts.