Topics and goals of the Ambiant Creativity Project

Digital technologies used for artistic creation are nowadays easily available for a large public and induce a new form of creativity that we could call “ambiant creativity” regarding the multiplicity and kinds of tools that are addressed. Nevertheless, this variety may blur the artistic processes and makes the relevancy more difficult to find towards the paradigm shift introduced by the earliest digital technologies.

In recent years, several sociologists have observed the birth of what has been called “ambient creativity”, thanks to computers and the new capabilities of planetary communication. This phenomenon is a reflection of the facts that digital technologies and tools are easily available for a large public (not necessarily professionals), and that this public develops its own creativity in producing and diffusing multimedia works and stimulating back general public and professionals, as never before.
However, it is a difficult and problematic task today to use a “new technology” immediately in a relevant way without considering the paradigm shift it has brought with regards to previous technologies. The variety of tools available for artistic creation may blur the artistic process.

It is important to redefine through a collective and multicultural practice the integration of art and the underlying science of digital technologies. The new generation of artists plays the most important role in this convergence from which the artworks of the future will emerge.

The main objective of the Ambiant Creativity project is to contribute to the development of this ambient creativity both at the conceptual and at the practical level through the collaboration of its partners that are experienced in key technologies, creative and educational techniques.

At the theoretical level:

  • by providing analysis of the mutation of paradigms of artistic processes stimulated by emerging digital technologies and by identifying the conceptual basis underlying the main types of digital tools, in Musical and in Visual Arts, and in their new crossing
  • by stimulating the awareness of these changes in young artists in order to feed their own artistic projects within AMBIANT project and to enable them to play a significant role in the future of new forms of multisensory arts
  • by observing the role of these changes in the convergence of cultures

At the level of transdisciplinary artistic production practices:

  • by exposing young artists to new art forms, and especially those forms that arise from the combination of Musical and Visual arts
  • by encouraging young artists of different artistic disciplines to exchange experiences between them and with the public, as part of the transdisciplinary and transcultural transformation processes taking place under the influence of digital technologies

At the level of transdisciplinary artistic communication practices:

  • by stimulating new forms of artistic presentation that transcend traditional frontiers between the arts and between established presentation forms
  • by stimulating the emergence of new forms of communication adapted to new concepts by merging arts, science and technologies presentations in forms amenable to the general public

In particular through the support and the realization of 3 artworks, the AMBIANT project aims at promoting the potential of interdisciplinary cooperation in the arts with modern technology, and its relevance at the European Level. Offering the results and the events to the general public, it integrates within the frame of the “2009 Year of Creativity and Innovation, through education and culture”.

The main topics and questions related to the mutations of artistic processes stimulated by emerging digital technologies, will be systematically addressed in the fields of Musical and Visual arts, and their inter-crossing.

A long-term objective targeted is to set up the basis of a new European network sharing an up-to-date vision and knowledge of digital technologies for arts and its applications, by encouraging young people (from any discipline) to lead artistic projects.